What young people say about us

“You’re just different from everyone else, you match my energy and it’s so easy to talk to you... I just feel like I can open up to you and when we were talking about things I don’t like about myself I don’t normally like talking about it to other people but you helped me out and now I’m just starting to realise that it’s all okay and I’m liking myself more now.” 

"I feel safe with you and after a stressed out day I feel less stressed.. Personally for me, I feel you can help me and it mkaes me feel like I am achieving a goal to track my progress."

“My god! You really get what I’m saying! Other professionals just blame me and tell me I should be in school and stop dressing how I do. It’s up to me how I dress.”

“It feels more like a friend to talk to instead of an adult figure. On my level when you talk to me.”

“You listen and try and help me with things I need help with, and really caring.”

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